Art Appreciation and The Man

DES MOINES, IA – Police Encounter #4
After the show tonight, I got to spend some quality time relaxing at the local hipster establishment, an art gallery/cocktail bar… hung out, played table tennis (?!?!) til 2am… so lovely… doubles mostly. Shaina and I killed it and left the place burning in flames (sorry Jamie and Joel). We then strolled through the outdoor park of art and sculpture exhibits, deciding what each piece of gut-wrenching, important work truly meant and what the artists were trying to convey from their flowering, tortured souls.

As it turns out, appreciating art at 2 in the morning is not appreciated in Des Moines. We apparently set off silent alarms on our art stroll…. within a couple minutes, half the Des Moines police force was surrounding us. We were properly chastised and escorted to the perimeter and told we’d have to complete the art tour from the outside looking in.

Finally made it home, and stayed up til 6am representing… in an intense and serious competition of “Connect 4″… Another one for the team… Los Angeles – 5, Des Moines – 4… Boo-ya!