Night Terror

dream slug
I just woke from a dream this… morning…. I don’t have too many terror nightmares or choking-in-my-sleep dreams… but this one felt so real to life. After a chase and crash in a car, I found myself in a carport garage, with a white car up on blocks… I was running from someone, because I could feel the urgency that we had to get it fixed right away so I could get out of town… the entire right, bottom, front side was destroyed… my father was at the front of the car on his back, looking at the damage…

[note: I never worked on cars with my dad. I never worked on cars, period. I don’t know anything about cars. I don’t know anything about repairing cars.]

I had some kind of welding tool in one hand, and a flashlight in the other and somehow knew what the problem was, and that I needed to get under the car to weld the hole that was dripping oil.

I crawled around the side, flashed my light underneath, and from the corner of my eye, I barely caught a glimpse of something moving.

I slowly snuck to the back end of the car as I told my dad that something bright orange was under there, and that he should move back as well… I said I thought it was either a giant slug or a walrus…

As I bent down to look again from the tail end of the car, I aimed my flashlight, and in the blink of an eye the thing jumped out and wrapped itself around my right arm. It WAS a giant slug. I started wrestling with it as it gripped me tighter and tighter…

and then… I jerked out of the dream and woke up in my bed… I was wrapped up in my comforter blanket, and it was twisting around my arm…. but the dream was still halfway in my consciousness, and I started beating my blanket all over to make sure there wasn’t something inside… (not because I thought there might be a real monster in my bed, but because I was worried that something real WAS in my bed that made me dream such a thing).

I jumped up, still frantically beating the blanket all over in a crazed panic… and there was… nothing.

The End.