Saved By Mr. Doug

Denver, CO
I made it back through the Rockies… barely… I guess I am tempting fate, zig-zagging back and forth like this… the snow started really coming down just as I was coming out of the pass on the other side. Tonight was a jam-packed, sold out show with the Subdudes. Some people got it. Some people did not and missed it completely. Weird how that happens sometimes. I suppose it’s like any cult leader… you have to let the message of love go out… and realize that there may be a number of folks who will not understand. They may be deaf or too broken or too drunk to hear. You can’t save everyone.

After a difficult night, it makes a huge difference knowing I’ll be crashing into a giant, soft, perfect bed. It’s not home, but there is this luxurious bliss feeling when the door of your hotel closes behind you and, for one night at least, there is peace and quiet and a vacuum-sealed silence.

When I got to the hotel tonight, they had no reservation listed for me. After cross-checking with all my supposed confirmation numbers, they finally figured it all out and found my reservation… for the previous night. I somehow reserved (and paid for) the wrong night! This is a big deal at 1am…

It took Doug (the hotel concierge) 3 seconds to declare, “I am so sorry, normally we are not able to change reservations, but tonight I can sneak you in another room.”

What could have been a giant miserable catastrophe, and me getting pushed out in to the cold streets (or into my car) for the night, was instantly saved by a merciful, quick thinking, right-headed, late-night concierge … Amazing! Thank you Mr. Doug, and thank you Crowne Plaza Hotel. You have my lifelong allegiance and I will happily be your celebrity spokesmodel in all your tv commercials.