Slow and Steady Wins The Race

my whole life, pretty much, i have been a “slow and steady wins the race” guy… up til now, i have been praised and celebrated for such strength and patience and “slow-to-anger” fortitude… up til now, i’ve never really lost anything giant or important or bone-crushing as a result of my slowness… it is supposed to be a positive character trait… a virtue… but i can’t stop regretting a few days of time…

i’ve missed plane flights, trains, boats, ferries, caravans, hotel bookings, art deadlines, birthdays, my own concert(!), other people’s shows, dinners, family events, doctor appointments, awards, and a zillion others…. all as a result of this – my steadfast, true-blue, eye-of-the-storm. but i’ve never really paid any heavy price… being late has always been fixable or repairable without consequence.

thankfully, the end of the world is near. until then…. i’ve been flooding and pushing out a trove of new songs…. and then i will record them…. slowly….